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Cameo Jewelry

Fashion hand in hand with the stylish accessories develop throughout the decade. Cameo jewelry was among the most precious and enchanting pieces right from the early ages. Royalties also were keen to reveal their fondness for these tiny images and patterns carved into stone and shell. The blooming period of this chic accessory however is associated with the time of Queen Victoria. She was the one who fueled the popularity of cameos by wearing various designs paired with her grandiose apparels. Today, these jewelries still manage to preserve their place among the top-requested gifts and accessories. In order to be introduced into the depth of jewelry making take a closer look to the brief history of cameo jewelries.

Creation of Cameos

In the Elizabethan period more and more ladies and girls were mesmerized by the power and beauty of these accessories. Indeed as the ultimate signs of prosperity they started to make real collections. Choosing from the various shapes and materials all were showed as the proof of their refined taste and wealth. However this habit was common both among men who also enjoyed the special texture and effect of this accessory. Millions purchased them to illustrate their spotless cultural and social reputation. Napoleon was another devotee of cameo jewelry. He even wore them on his wedding ceremony and further encouraged the production by establishing a brand new school of crafts that would pass the knowledge of cameo production to young people.

The Victorian era promoted the production of similar jewelries and encouraged Italian carvers to experiment with the various techniques and patterns to create real masterpieces. The different materials determined when these accessories were sported, the least expensive shells and stones were matched with informal attires whereas the gems with more sophisticated looks. Specialists identify the origins of cameos according to the motif they portray. Some would reveal the portrait of a men with signature Roman traits which can refer to the early centuries whereas the trademark lady with her hair styled into a humble and polished updo denotes the Victorian era and 20th century. Modern technology brought great changes in cameo production some of the German specialists experimented with lasers, which carved the desired pattern into the shell or stone.

Cameo Jewelry Types

With the spectacular revival of the vintage style, cameos apparently won back their reputation of precious jewelry. More and more people regardless of age were keen to sport both the ones that grandmas and relatives worn as well as freshly produced ones with an old-time tint. One of the most common ways to wear them are indeed brooches. Portraying ladies as well as other natural motifs all add a special and refined flair to a formal look. However jewelry producers don't restrict themselves to this type of accessory.

Instead they aim to embed this carvings into rings, pendants and even earrings. Those who are rookies in this industry will be mesmerized by the multitude of selections that are available for those who would like to complete their collection of cameo jewelry. Specialized stores as well as online producers are keen to offer customers the chance to design their own personalized cameo. Indeed as being one of the most precious and expensive pieces, they would solicit a larger sum.

Cameo Jewelry Motifs

Cameo jewelries are often associated with the traditional and classy portrait of women with a humble and sophisticated look. These are indeed trademarks of the Victorian era that polished cameo production to perfection. However modern times and development made these available for everyone. Those who are keen to diverge from the vintage patterns can also opt for modern styles and other patterns. Some of the most common designs of cameo jewelry would be:

  • Flowers
  • Angels
  • Mother and Child
  • Portraits
  • Nature
  • Religious Motifs
  • Astrological Zodiac Signs
  • Mythological characters

  • Cameo Care

    As these are some of the most refined jewelry pieces in the industry it is a must to devote more time to their maintenance. From cleansing to polishing all will play a crucial role in the condition of cameos. In order to keep them in their best shape and spotless state it is worth considering the following professional tips. Those who are proud owners of cameo jewelry will find these ideas more than useful when it comes of the care of similar stylish accessories.

  • The various materials will determine the care of cameos. Shell however is one of the most common supplies carvers use to create these jewelries. Though the cleansing won't take more than a few minutes it is also important to do it on a monthly or weekly basis. The dirt and dust that sets on the surface of cameos can damage their condition. Therefore use a soft and dry cloth to cleanse them from the residues. If there are hidden spots use a toothbrush but make it a fine bristled one.

  • Cameos might also lose their initial color due to external factors. In this case it is advisable to use mineral or baby oil and wipe them with your fingers. Leave it on for the night, then wipe it off with a smooth cloth. Be gentle and make sure first you eliminated the Dust Allergy]dust from the cracks and the edges. Moisturizing is just as important as cleansing to preserve the resistance of the jewelry towards harmful agents and prevent them from drying out.

  • Keep soap away since these are made up of calcium carbonate that can deteriorate due to the effect of chemicals. Instead use lukewarm water for a thorough cleansing. Keep perfume and other body or skin care products away from your jewelry.

  • Store your cameos in fine and soft cloths and preferably wrapped. These might be scratched and damaged by the contact with other metals and materials. For the sake of their beauty keep them in different jewelry boxes. Moreover don't expose them to heat or direct light, they might lose their color if you neglect the basic conditions.

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