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Best Times to Shop and Save

Shopping can be a really useful and pleasurable activity but sometimes can turn out to be truly expensive hobby. Knowing the best time to shop seasonal bargains can save us a lot of money and frustration. Retailers and big companies alike are constantly diversifying their offer and eye catching commercials are invading our life on daily basis. Thus it's no wonder that sometimes even the most virtuous of us can't resist the temptation of impulse buying. Follow our guideline and you will never regret the your shopping choices again!

From basic items such as food to the more expensive luxury items like cars, almost everything has a certain time when prices are lower and you can find the best deals during those times. Here are some common items and the best time to buy them.

Food and Drinks

 Food and DrinksGroceries
It's common knowledge that fruits and vegetables are cheapest when they are in season.
To maximize your savings when shopping from the farmers market go right before closing time, early in the evening when vendors tend to lower prices.
Shopping in the evening is a good strategy when you are shopping from supermarkets and if you go on Sunday or on Tuesday you will be able to save even more money.

Wine is usually cheapest after the fall harvest.

Champagne is more affordable before holidays, especially before New Year's Eve.

Chocolate - retailers tend to lower the prices after Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween or Christmas.

Clothes and accessories

Clothes and accessoriesClothes are cheapest off season but prices tend to drop one month after the clothes have been brought to the store. You can also try shopping on Thursday as that's when weekend sales start.

Wedding dress - if your aim is to find the perfect and the most affordable wedding dress try shopping after Thanksgiving or before Christmas.

Jewelry is cheapest after major holidays like Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.


Digital cameras have the best prices in January an February when new models are available.

Cellphones - prices drop six months after a new model has been released.

Computers - you can get the best deal in August or during the fall near the time when school starts.

Luxury items

Cars - if you are eager to buy brand new expensive car you can get the best deal in September when new car designs are usually released.

Boats - if the thought of purchasing a boat sounds appealing,you should know that dealers offer their best pricing from January to March.

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